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Welcome To Deaf Edge!

Welcome to a brand new site all about hearing loss! Whether you are Deaf, Hearing, or Hard of Hearing, you'll find lots of valuable articles, tips, and information. There is so much to discover!

For Deaf

You'll find fun pages about famous people, Universities, what's new in the community, and lots more.

For Hearing

There are so many things to learn. Do you have a neighbor, coworker, friend, or family member who is affected by hearing loss? You likely have tons of questions, such as:

  • How does lipreading work?
  • How should I interact with an American Sign Language Interpreter?
  • Can I learn some ASL?
  • What community and cultural things should I know?

Getting Started

Here are just some of the many sections and subjects coming up:

  • All About Hearing Loss; Everyone is not affected equally by hearing loss. Some may be Hard of Hearing, and what does it mean to be profoundly Deaf? Also expect some insight into the mechanics of hearing loss.
  • All about ASL; Learning American Sign Language, language structure, and tips on communicating through sign language, such as using facial expression.
  • Interpreting; Do you want to become an interpreter? What kind of training will you need, and what are the certifications required? Can you earn a living as a sign language interpreter? What is the interpreting field like?
  • Video Relay; A peek into this super popular and fast growing field. All about how people can communicate on the phone through relay.
  • Visitor contribution; This is an interactive site, and we welcome any and all feedback. There are places for comment, questions, and experiences. Let's work together, sharing knowledge and ideas!
  • All About Hearing Aids; There is so much to discover.
  • Top Products; Things to make life easier. All the top tips when it comes to hearing aids, text messenger devices, plus all the extras like doorbells, alarm clocks, gifts and more.

So come on in and check things out. And don't forget to bookmark the site (buttons on left) so you can get updates! We are growing fast, adding lots of new content.

Our goal is to give you the edge when it comes to learning about the wonderful and fascinating world of hearing loss!

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