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ASL American Sign Language Dictionary Top Picks

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An American Sign Language Dictionary is an essential tool to learn sign language! Our ASL American Sign Language Dictionary Top Picks are carefully chosen best sellers. An ASL full dictionary is a handy tool for anyone communicating with someone who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It will fill in gaps in conversations, be there if you forget a sign, and it will provide info that may be missing in whatever lessons you are studying.

Your ASL Sign Language Dictionary should be considered a supplement for learning. In addition to lessons and real-life practice, it will help you to recall forgotten signs or look up new ones.

Amazon regularly provides the best deals on the web for these ASL Dictionaries. All shopping is done with Amazon, through their secure servers, so you can shop with confidence.

American Sign Language Dictionary Top Picks

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1. American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition

This dictionary is a top seller for good reason. Well-priced, well-reviewed, and it stands the test of time. At 800 pages, it was written in 1998 by Martin L. A. Sternberg, Ed.D, a Emmy and Peabody nominee who has had an esteemed career and is also Deaf. It's considered by many a must-have.

Amazon review comment:

"Sternberg's ASL Dictionary is the most incredible resource for American Sign Language, that I have found on the market. As a certified teacher of the deaf, of ESL, and of Foreign Languages, I have used this book for many years in all three contexts. I love the fact that Sternberg includes 5,000+ signs, and that he offers more than one sign for many words..."

2. The Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language
with a Fully Searchable Full-Color DVD Featuring Every Sign

For those who are serious about learning sign language, and want a "complete package." You could think of this ASL American Sign Language Dictionary as being a "database" of signs, and it certainly will prove a useful tool. According to the book's official description, it is "the most useful selection of signs to be found in any single ASL reference resource."

Written by a board of experts, it has over 3,000 illustrations, with descriptions, synonyms, and a full index for cross-referencing (very important!)

As if that weren't enough, you also get Fully Searchable Full-Color DVD Featuring Every Sign!

Amazon review comments:

"As fas as ASL dictionaries go, this one is the best I've found. The pictures are clear, and the words are logically grouped. It even includes some local/regional signs. The best feature is the disc that comes with it. You type the word, and the sign come up on the screen, in the form of a video clip. They use many signers, so you get to see how different people shape their hands. Also, it includes advanced sign."

"This is an invaluable tool for anyone learning or even already proficient in ASL. I doubt I would have done as well as I did in my first semester without it! The drawings are clear and terminology is easy to locate or research through the glossary in the back. And what truly makes it a "5 Star" tool is the DVD with motion and clear demonstration of the sign gestures and directions. An absolute MUST HAVE for signers at any level!"

3. The American Sign Language Phrase Book

Many times, when communicating, you will want to get your thought across using a phrase rather than a word or string of words. There is no substitute for knowing key phrases commonly used in conversation. This well-priced book includes over 500 phrases used in common conversation. It also has a chapter featuring modern technology-type phrases, such as internet and video-relay use. This ASL American Sign Language Dictionary of phrases makes small-talk easier!

Amazon review comments:

"This book was recommended to me by my ASL tutor, and not without good reason! The drawings inside are easy to understand and emulate (they also include facial expressions and body language) and the sentences provide a great example of ASL grammar.."

"Lou Fant, one of the acknowledged masters both of ASL/English interpreting (his work is legendary in the field) who has taught and coached thousands, wrote this delightful little book which demonstrates sentences in real ASL, provides brief, but accurate descriptions of ASL grammar, uses diagrams which show exactly the right amount of detail (one of the benefits of comics), and shows a gentle humor throughout the book..."

4. The American Sign Language Handshape Dictionary

Used as a companion to a traditional ASL American Sign Language Dictionary, this handshape dictionary allows you to search for a sign using handshape. There is more to signing than just knowing the sign; one must learn orientation, movement, and more. The signs in this book are arranged by handshape for easy identification and searching. Also, it comes with a handy DVD for showing how to form signs!

Amazon review comments:

"This book has a unique approach to learning sign language making it different from other books previously published. This is the first book that allows you to go from Spoken English to ASL and VICE VERSA!! Essential text for anyone who wants to learn to sign or to read the signs of others."

"Finally a book that allows you to search for signs based on their handshape. Many ASL students have difficulty understanding ASL users. This book gives them a better chance to look up signs to comprehend them instead of using looking up an English gloss to learn what THEY want to say!"

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