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Sep 16, 2012

Learning American Sign Language

You'll need resources for learning American Sign Language. For those who ask how to learn Sign Language, these Top Picks make it easier! See dictionaries, books, videos and more.

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Sep 16, 2012

American Sign Language Book Top Picks

A Sign Language Book (or a few) is a must-have for any ASL student, whether for a class or personal use. You'll use your book time and again to learn this beautiful language.

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Sep 14, 2012

ASL American Sign Language Dictionary Top Picks

A full American Sign Language Dictionary is an essential tool to learn sign language! Our ASL Sign Language Dictionary Top Picks are carefully chosen best sellers.

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Jul 09, 2011

Ipod Hearing Loss And Ipod Use

Concerned about Ipod hearing loss and Ipod use? Learn about the connection between high frequency hearing loss and Ipod use. Find info on Ipod hearing loss in children and a handy decibel chart, too.

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Jul 09, 2011

Hearing Loss Reasons - What Are The Causes of Hearing Loss?

What are the different hearing loss reasons, or causes of hearing loss? They are individual. These different types of hearing loss include iPod hearing loss, elderly hearing loss, ear infection hearing loss, and more.

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Jul 09, 2011

Who Invented Sign Language?

Who invented sign language? The history of sign language is very interesting! If you are looking for the inventor of sign language, the answer might surprise you.

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Jul 09, 2011

Welcome To Deaf Edge

Welcome to Deaf Edge! Find lots of info about Hearing Loss, Deafness, and American Sign Language.

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