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Hearing Loss Reasons

What Are The Causes of Hearing Loss?

What are the different hearing loss reasons, or causes of hearing loss? They are individual. These different types of hearing loss include iPod hearing loss, elderly hearing loss, ear infection hearing loss, and genetic causes.

Each situation is unique, but there are a few common themes. They could also be considered different types of hearing loss. Here are some of the reasons a person might become Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Hearing Loss Reasons: Exposure to High Volumes

People are beginning to worry about iPod hearing loss and iPod use. It is now known that exposure to loud volumes, through earphones and earbuds can be damaging to hearing.

This is also known as high frequency hearing loss, as it affects a persons ability to hear at high frequencies.

One of the main causes of hearing loss with iPod use is prolonged exposure. Our article on iPod hearing loss and iPod use explores this in detail. It even includes a handy decibel chart, too.

Hearing Loss Reasons: Elderly Hearing Loss

elderly hearing loss reasons

As folks get older, their hearing can deteriorate. Unfortunately, Elderly Hearing Loss is a fact of life. But on the bright side, technology is on our side!

With the help of hearing aid equipment, life for those affected by elderly hearing loss can go on as usual. An elderly person may only experience mild hearing loss.

Hearing aid equipment can include many popular hearing aid brands or hearing aid styles. Today's options are endless!

Many are using an open ear hearing aid or in ear hearing aid. Also, it's important to get insurance for hearing aids. Inexpensive hearing aids can be found as well.

Hearing Loss Reasons: Infection or Illness

ear infection checkup for child

Ear Infection Hearing Loss: Ear infection hearing loss is common. It's also usually temporary. A child with an ear infection has trouble hearing because of the fluid that's in the ear canal. This is one of the more common reasons for hearing problems in children.

Although it is temporary hearing loss, if left untreated ear infection hearing loss can become serious and even permanent.

Also, since it occurs during a time of speech and language development, there may be a delay in these areas. Hearing problems in children should always be closely monitored.

Viral infections: Some viral infections can be the cause of hearing loss. Usually they occur before or at birth. These include: Toxoplasmosis, Syphilis, Rubella, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Herpes. Other illnesses in babies and children include severe jaundice and bacterial or viral meningitis.

Medications to treat infections are also included in causes of hearing loss. These medications are called ototoxic. They are prescribed to babies to treat birth complications or infection. This can occur with older babies and children, as well.

Hearing Loss Reasons: Heredity, Genetics

About half of the hearing loss cases are genetically explained. This means the hearing loss was inherited from the parents. Genetic hearing loss is broken down into two groups, syndromic and non-syndromic. These are two different types of hearing loss.

The majority of these inherited cases are recessive. That means the parents are hearing, and they have (and passed on) the genes for hearing loss.

Genetic hearing loss may be congenital, meaning present at birth, or it may be progressive, which becomes apparent over time.

a baby's ear - hearing loss in children

Non-Syndromic Loss: Of the inherited cases, many of them are not accompanied by any other symptoms. The only symptom is hearing loss, or Deafness. This would be a perfectly healthy child with hearing loss. About two-thirds of genetic cases are non-syndromic.

Scientists have indentified a gene responsible, by the name of Connexin 26, or CX26. This gene is responsible for the majority of non-syndromic loss cases.

Around 15% of inherited hearing loss is from dominant genes. The parent(s) are also Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and so is the child.

Syndromic Loss: Syndromic loss means there are other clinical or physical findings accompanying the hearing loss. There is a variety of inherited conditions and syndromes which are accompanied by hearing loss.

These are two different types of hearing loss, which we will look at more closely in a follow-up article.

So, hearing loss reasons are as individual as the people who are affected by them! Understanding the different causes of hearing loss is one of the first steps to understanding Deafness. There is a lot to learn!


iPod Hearing Loss And iPod Use

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iPod Hearing Loss And iPod Use

iPod Hearing Loss And iPod Use

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