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Learning American Sign Language

Top Tools and Resources

You'll need tools for learning American Sign Language. For those who ask how to learn Sign Language, these Top Picks make it easier!

Nothing can replace proper instruction and real-world practice. But these Top Picks for learning American Sign Language are resources you can refer to time after time to help in your study.

Everyone's learning style is different, and each instructor may have unique recommendations for what to buy. From books and dictionaries to videos, flash cards, baby sign language aids, and even software, we've sifted through the sea of products in order to present you with these Top Picks:

Learning American Sign Language: Levels I & II--Beginning & Intermediate (2nd Edition)

This textbook is frequently used in class setting. In Learning American Sign Language: Levels I & II - Beginning & Intermediate, students will find helpful illustrations for learning vocabulary, lessons centered around real-life conversations and situations, many notes, exercises and charts for learning letters and numbers. This practical workbook has helped many advance in learning American Sign Language.

Amazon review comment:

"Learning a new language can be hard, and stressful. This is a well written book with lots of photographs to follow along with the classes. Also you can purchase a DVD that goes along with the book. The basic structure is getting you right into "speaking", and not all the grammer that most languages bore you with right up front. I've already learned about 5-6 communication words, phrases in about 30 min. before even getting to my first class!!! For learning sign language the ASL recomends this book and so do I. Two thumbs up!"

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