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Free Printable Sign Language Alphabet

Learn Your ABC's In ASL!

Get started learning sign language with this handy free printable sign language alphabet chart! There are many reasons to start learning sign language. And the best way to get started is to learn the alphabet in sign language!

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free printable sign language alphabet chart

Our section of free printables will be growing!

We will soon include numbers, common and easy signs, printable sign language for kids, a free baby sign language chart, basic words in sign language, and a free sign language chart.

You'll be well on your way to a whole new way to communicate!

So, make sure to bookmark this page (using the handy buttons of the left) and come back often for your free printables!

Also, you'll want to read below to learn a bit about the american sign language alphabet and get some tips on using this printable sign language alphabet chart.

About the Alphabet in Sign Language

Using the alphabet in sign language is also called finger spelling. It is commonly used in a few different situations, such as:

  • Spelling out a person's name, before you get to know their personalized 'name sign'
  • Spelling out a place name or location before you get to know its designated sign
  • When communicating with a Deaf person from another region (dialects and signs can be different, so being able to fingerspell is a great back-up)
  • When you only know a little sign language
  • Great for kids

The Alphabet in sign language is the starting point for anyone who wants to communicate with a Deaf person. You'll want to print out the free printable sign language alphabet chart on this page and keep it handy. You'll be signing before you know it!

Things To Know Before Practicing With
Your Printable Sign Language Alphabet Chart

There are a couple of things to know about the American sign language alphabet. First, it's fine to turn your hand to your own face when learning the proper finger positioning. But when signing, you want your palm facing outward, toward the person you are communicating with.

There are some exceptions to this. The letters G and H have the palm facing in, toward your body.

When you take a close look at the printable sign language alphabet chart, you'll see that some of the letters have the palm facing to the side. Your palm will aim to your left (if you are right-handed) and the person you are communicating with will see the 'pinky-side' of your hand.

When you are spelling a word or name that has a double-occurrence of a letter, such as 'summer,' you don't need to 'let go' of the first M and then make another. Simply slide you M a bit to the side (as if it's on a short, fast conveyer belt) to show that there are two M's.

A couple of the letters have your hand in motion. When making a J, use your pinky finger to draw a 'hook' resembling a letter J in the air. And the letter Z is fun. Just take your index finger and draw a Z!

Things To Do With Your Printable Sign Language Alphabet Chart

Have everyone in the family practice spelling his or her name with the sign language alphabet. It's fun! When you've memorized it, practice spelling it faster, keeping it clear and understandable. You'll be surprised how fast experienced signers will fingerspell. At first, you'll have trouble making out all the letters. Remember, this is a new language! Your brain and your hands need time to learn.

Keep practicing your finger spelling, as it trains your hands and works their dexterity and flexibility. Very soon, you will be able to carry on basic communication with Deaf friends, co-workers, or family members. And you won't want to stop learning.

Start Learning ASL!

The alphabet is just the beginning! There is so much more to it. But, learning ASL is not hard when you have the right tools. Looking at pictures of signs is a start, but seeing this language in action opens up a whole new world.

Sign Language is a visual language, distinguished by movement, gestures and facial expression. We've found an all-inclusive video learning system that really provides results. This popular method includes:

  • Easy to follow ASL video lessons
  • Interactive signing practice sessions
  • Video-based Sign Language software games
  • Sign Language Dictionary with video, and more!

If you are serious about learning sign language, you can Click Here to learn more and start signing with ease.

Once you master your printable sign language alphabet chart, you'll want to keep learning and keep those hands moving!

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